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Malibu Labs uses strategy, creative and cultural insight.

We make your organic and natural beauty brand successful through our unique formulations.

We turn companies into Brands

We start with a conversation with your CEO/Founder. Because the vision comes from the top. We talk to your key stakeholders.


We listen. We debate. We execute. And soon (say 3-6 months) what was once simply a company is now a brand.


Creativity is the currency

We make a brand memorable, we make it stick

brand identity

We'll build you a brand that captures who you are today, and your vision for the brand in the future.


As part of our process, we glean insights from your competitors' branding, and from great brands in parallel industries that serve as our inspiration.

The logo and brand name with our partners, and we can create for you a brand that will give consumers an immediate sense of your brand's DNA, and the messaging will give your brand a voice, a persona to which your consumers can relate.


Your brand identity will serve as a platform from which your business can boom.

We also offer a menu of possible brand option platforms so that we can guide you better and faster through the branding process

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