Turn-Key formulation & Marketing 

Malibu Labs is a boutique beauty products formulation lab & marketing agency that only creates natural, organic, and healthy skincare, body care, hair care and makeup brands for our clients. 


We want to give your brand creative visibility, effective promotion, and first-class representation.

The Malibu Labs management team is a collective of energetic beauty formulation, lab & marketing professionals who have been raising the bar in product formulations, brand creation, digital marketing and consumer product promotions for 20 years.

The process

Create your own organic beauty brand and we can help you to market as well

1.  Choose natural & organic formula for each product you want from our library of 1,000+ proven quality formulas, these can be your proprietary formula if you so choose to purchase our formula. 


We do not re-use a formula once used by our client with another customer, we are not a private label manufacturing house.  We only create brands for serious companies who want to create their own line of fabulous and natural beauty brand, sometimes with CBD.

2.  Use our partner contract manufacturer, Jon Davler, to mix and fill the product, with the right packaging component which we work with you on.

3.  Create the Brand you want by detailed discussion with our team, then we personalize, create voice and identify the brand for market.

4.  Build your bespoke website with our web designers.

5.  Create digital content for fluid and eye catching marketing campaign.

6.  Omni channel market & promote your brand with our marketing experts and creative team.

7.  Retail through a network of flagship brick and mortar stores and/or on-line stores with our assistance.

Custom product formulation

We offer a customizable library of 1000+ natural and organic proprietary skincare, body care, hair care, makeup formulas, most of which are already successfully tested and ready for market.

We can also develop new certified natural or organic formulas based on your specific product or ingredient requirements.

Our innovative R&D team focuses on developing high quality, efficacious products using a broad range of natural and organic ingredients.

Our experienced brand consultants and research & development team will work with you on all of your ideas to bring your vision to the market.

We don’t just create formulas, we help you to make your vision a reality from formulation, branding, marketing to retail.