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1. Determine your target market and budget.

2. Design your product variety, formulas and packaging around your target market. 

3. Decide on your initial distribution channels. 

4. Create a high-quality business website. 

5. Focus your advertising and content creation.


The story-first approach in both the brand’s online presence and marketing strategy as a whole has enabled our clients to stand out from its competitors, communicate core values, build a loyal audience, and drive sales.

So, just how does the brand use content marketing to support consistent growth?

“I like to call it the ‘un-marketing’ philosophy,” 


“We don’t really consider ourselves content marketers so much as we tell people what we do.”

Malibu Labs partners then can augment business strategy by developing and implementing a media buying plan to maximize consumer awareness in advance of the product’s launch.

To complement a new ad buy strategy, we need to create an attention-grabbing marketing plan that would explain the need for the product and the ubiquity of its purpose.

We can create and manage all of Brand’s social media accounts, establishing the voice and tone of the product, tailored to the brand’s target online audience.

In addition to drafting content, the design team can create a series of highly shareable social images featuring witty quotes and tips that quickly cultivate a following.

AD STRATEGY, voice & content

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